1. Downlink and Uplink Energy Minimization through User Association and Beam forming in Cloud RAN

  2. Dynamic Collaboration Between Networked Robots and Clouds inResource-Constrained Environments

  3. Effective Cost Reduction for Elastic Clouds under Spot Instance Pricing Through Adaptive Check pointing

  4. Efficient Hardware Architecture of Ī·TPairing Accelerator Over Characteristic Three

  5. Employing the TPACK Framework for Researcher-Teacher Co-Design of a Mobile-Assisted Seamless Language Learning Environment

  6. Enabling Cloud Storage Auditing with Key-Exposure Resistance

  7. Energy Consumption Comparison of Interactive Cloud-Based and Local Applications

  8. Energy-Efficient Information and Communication Infrastructures in the Smart Grid: A Survey on Interactions and Open Issues

  9. Experimental Assessment of ABNO-driven Multicast Connectivity in Flexgrid Networks

  10. Experimental Demonstration of Datacenter Resources Integrated Provisioning Over Multi-Domain Software Defined Optical Networks

  11. Exploiting Rate less Codes in Cloud Storage Systems

  12. Exploring Data-Level Error Tolerance in High-Performance Solid-State

  13. Field Demonstration of Multi-Domain Software-Defined Transport Networking With Multi-Controller Collaboration for Data Center Interconnection [Invited]

  14. Governance Model for Cloud Computing in Building Information Management

  15. Ground-Based Cloud Detection Using Automatic Graph Cut

  16. Hardware Virtualized Flexible Network for Wireless Data-Center Optical Interconnects [Invited]

  17. Heterogeneous Cloud Framework for Big Data Genome Sequencing

  18. Hire Some-II: Towards Privacy-Aware Cross-Cloud Service Compositionfor Big Data Applications

  19. Identity-Based Distributed Provable Data Possession in Multi-Cloud Storage

  20. Identity-based Encryption with Outsourced Revocation in Cloud Computing

  21. Innovative Schemes for Resource Allocation in the Cloud for Media Streaming Applications

  22. Integrated Demand Side Management Game in Smart Energy Hubs

  23. Just-in-Time Code Offloading for Wearable Computing

  24. k-Nearest Neighbor Classification over Semantically Secure EncryptedRelational Data

  25. Linguistic Descriptions for Automatic Generation of Textual Short-Term Weather Forecasts on Real Prediction Data

  26. MINTED: Multicast Virtual Network Embedding in Cloud Data Centers with Delay Constraints

  27. Modeling Demand Response Capability by Internet Data Centers Processing Batch Computing Jobs

  28. Modeling Heterogeneous Virtual Machines on IaaS Data Centers

  29. MonPaaS: An Adaptive Monitoring Platform as a Service for Cloud Computing Infrastructures and Services

  30. NetVM: High Performance and Flexible Networking Using Virtualization on Commodity Platforms

  31. On Nonblocking Multicast Fat-tree Data Center Networks with Server Redundancy

  32. Optimal Design of Resilient Virtual Networks [Invited]

  33. Panda: Public Auditing for Shared Data with Efficient User Revocation in the Cloud Placing Virtual Machines to Optimize Cloud Gaming Experience

  34. PriDyn: Enabling Differentiated I/O Services in Cloud using Dynamic Priorities

  35. Provable Multicopy Dynamic Data Possessionin Cloud Computing Systems

  36. Resisting Skew-accumulation for Time-stepped Applications in the Cloud via Exploiting Parallelism

  37. Scalable Transaction Management with SnapshotIsolation for NoSQL Data Storage Systems

  38. Secure Power Grid Simulation on Cloud

  39. SelCSP: A Framework to Facilitate Selection of Cloud Service Providers

  40. Selecting Optimum Cloud Availability Zones by Learning User Satisfaction Levels

  41. Service Operator-aware Trust Scheme for Resource Matchmaking across Multiple Clouds

  42. Shared Authority Based Privacy-preserving Authentication Protocol in Cloud Computing

  43. SmartSLA: Cost-sensitive Management of Virtualized Resources for CPU-bound Database Services

  44. Software Defined Networking for RSU Clouds in support of The Internet of Vehicles

  45. Stealthy Denial of Service Strategy in Cloud Computing

  46. Stochastic Modeling and Performance Analysis of Migration-Enabled and Error-Prone Clouds Stochastic Modeling and Quality Evaluation of Infrastructure-as-a- Service Clouds

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