1. An advanced Ambulance rescue system using prioritized traffic switching

  2. Implementation of Mind Control Robot

  3. Multi-Senosr Railway Track Geometry Surveying System using Fuzzy

  4. Secure communication in the low-SNR regime: A Characterization of the energy-secrecy tradeoff

  5. ABASH – Android based smart fault using wireless sensors

  6. Android-based navigation system for elderly people in hospital

  7. Convenience probe: a phone-based system for retail trade-area analysis

  8. Smart android home automation system

  9. Systolic blood pressure estimation using Android smart phones

  10. Water Level Monitoring and Control using Smartphone

  11. A Novel Hand Segmentation Method for Multiple Hand Gestur

  12. ARM Based Implementation of Text-To-Speech (Tts) for Real Time Embedded System

  13. Automatic Moving Object Extraction Through a Real-World Variable-Bandwidth Network for Traffic Monitoring Systems

  14. Automatic user state recognition for hand gesture based low-cost television control system

  15. Design of Greenhouse Temperature Detection System Based On Linear Offset Interference

  16. Hardware Architecture for Video Authentication Using Sensor Pattern Noise

  17. Simplified Map Detector for Binary Fingerprinting Code Embedded By Spread Spectrum Watermarking Scheme

  18. Stereo Vision Images Processing for Real-time Object Distance and Size Measurements

  19. A Comparative Study of Energy Management Schemes for a Fuel-Cell Hybrid Emergency Power System of More-Electric Aircraft

  20. Comparison Of The Fault Characteristics Of Ipm-Type And Spm-Type Bldc Motors Under Inter-Turn Fault Conditions Using Winding Function Theory

  21. Coordinated Control of Motor-Driven Power Steering Torque Overlay And Differential Braking for Emergency Driving Support

  22. Cost-Effective and Real-Time Scada Home Energy Monitoring System

  23. Utilizing Microscopic Traffic and Weather Data to Analyze Real-Time Crash Patterns in the Context of Active Traffic Management

  24. A Novel Current Sensor for Home Energy Use Monitoring

  25. A wearable system of micromachined piezoelectric cantilevers coupled to a rotational oscillating mass for on-body energy harvesting

  26. Adaptive Relay Setting for Distribution Systems Considering Operation Scenarios of Wind Generators

  27. Design of A Solar Tracking System for Renewable Energy

  28. Design of Power Consumption Control System

  29. Energy Management for Hybrid Generation Systems

  30. Harvesting Wireless Power

  31. Implementation of a High-Efficiency, High-Lifetime, And Low-Cost Converter For An Autonomous Photovoltaic Water Pumping System

  32. Integration and Operation of a Single-Phase Bidirectional Inverter with Two Buck/Boost MPPTs for DC-Distribution Applications

  33. Optimal Energy Management Strategy of An Improved Elevator with Energy Storage Capacity based On Dynamic Programming

  34. A Gesture Learning Interface for Simulated Robot Path Shaping With a Human Teacher

  35. Ambubot: Ambulance Robot Automated External Defibrillator Robotic Ambulance

  36. Design of an Intelligent Security Robot for Collision Free Navigation Applications

  37. Dynamic Wireless Sensor Networks for Real Time Safeguard of Workers Exposed To Physical Agents in Constructions Sites

  38. GSM Controlled Robotics

  39. Identification of An Interacting Person Through Playful Interaction With A Small Robot

  40. Surveillance System with Light Sensor

  41. Adaptive Sparse Representations for Video Anomaly Detection

  42. Conditional Privacy Preserving Security Protocol for Nfc Applications

  43. Application of Integrate Sensor in Gas Alert System Of Coal Mine

  44. Co and Co2 Monitoring In Vehicle

  45. Efficient And Secure Dynamic Id-Based Remote User Authentication Scheme for Distributed Systems Using smart Card

  46. Green House Management

  47. Heartbeat with Rf Indication

  48. Temperature Level Monitoring and Automatic Control In Boiler

  49. Vehicle Safety System with Fuel and Alcohol Detection And Indication

  50. Web based service to monitor automatic irrigation system for the agriculture field using sensors

  51. Wireless Based Detection of Co2 Level for Industrial Application

  52. Application of ZIGBEE for Pollution Monitoring Caused by Automobile Exhaust Gases

  53. Bluetooth based Robot Control for Metal Detection Applications

  54. Design and development of remote- operated multi direction Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)

  55. Energy-efficient train operation in urban rail transit using real-time traffic information (Telematics)

  56. Temperature Monitoring In Wireless Sensor Network Using Zigbee Transceiver Module

  57. Transformer Oil & Heat Level Monitoring and Intimation to EB through Wireless System

  58. Vehicle Anti-theft Tracking System Based on Internet of things

  59. Wireless DC Motor Speed and Direction Control using RF Communication

  60. A hybrid technique for license plate recognition based on feature selection of wavelet Transform and artificial neural network

  61. Advanced security and privacy in connected vehicles

  62. Design of multiple sensors monitoring system using small flying vehicle

  63. Design of Sensing System and Anticipative Behavior for Human Following of Mobile Robots

  64. Low-Cost Saline Droplet Measurement System using for Common Patient Room in Rural Public Hospital

  65. Patient health management system using e-health monitoring architecture

  66. The design and development of a wearable posture monitoring vest

  67. A Proposal for an Agricultural Irrigation Control System Based on Support Vector Machine

  68. Design and implementation of vehicle tracking system using GPS/GSM/GPRS technology and smart phone application

  69. GPS and GSM for Accident Spot Identification

  70. GPS based office cab monitoring system very useful for the safety of female employees

  71. GSM based automatic energy meter reading system with billing

  72. Microcontroller and voice based alerting system for blind people with GPS enabled Location identification

  73. RFID Technology for Iot-Based Personal Healthcare in Smart Spaces

  74. An Enhanced Fall Detection System For Elderly Person Monitoring Using Consumer Home Networks

  75. Automatic Ingestion Monitor: A Novel Wearable Device for Monitoring of Ingestive Behavior

  76. Controlling A Human–Computer Interface System With A Novel Classification Method That Uses Electro Ocular Grapy Signals

  77. An Integrated Electrooculography and Desktop Input Bimodal Interface to Support Robotic Arm Control

  78. Displaying Heart Rate Data on a Bicycle Helmet to Support Social Exertion Experiences

  79. Wi-Fi Based Remote Patient Monitoring and Tracking System for Medical Parameters

  80. Heart Disease Monitoring System Using Web and Smartphone

  81. Providing a Telemedicine system for Diabetic Patients for Controlling the Blood Sugar Level with solving the Scalability problems

  82. Advanced Wireless ECG Monitoring System Based On GSM 3G

  83. A Low-Computational Approach on Gaze Estimation with Eye Touch System

  84. Design and Development of a Low-Cost Multisensor Inertial Data Acquisition System for Sailing

  85. Noncontact Hand Motion Classification Technique for Application to Human–Machine Interfaces

  86. Sensor Fusion-Based Vacant Parking Slot Detection and Tracking

  87. Automatic Lighting System Using Multiple Robotic Lamps

  88. Dynamic Authentication with Sensory Information for the Access Control Systems

  89. Image-Based and Sensor-Based Approaches to Arabic Sign Language Recognition

  90. Earthquake Shakes Twitter Users: Real-time Event Detection by Social Sensors

  91. Portable Camera-Based Product Label Reading For Blind People

  92. Embedded Based Hand Talk Assisting System for Deaf and Dumb

  93. Portable Wireless Device for Remote Writing on Board

  94. Wireless Power Transmission for Charging Mobiles

  95. ATM Client Authentication System Using Biometric Identifier & OTP

  96. Face Recognition Based Door Lock System Using Opencv and C# with Remote Access and Security Features

  97. Electronic Shopping Cart Facility for Blind People Using USB Firmware

  98. Voice Based Electronic Travelling Aid Using Flex Sensor for Blind People

  99. Emergency Call for Help Wrist Module

  100. Design and Fabrication of Remote Controlled Multi-Axis Operation theatre BED

  101. Neural Networks Brain Controlled Artificial Legs

  102. An Interactive Email For Visually Impaired

  103. CO2 Zero-House Design with Mobile Smart Home Technology

  104. Swar: The Voice Operated PC

  105. Television Control System

  106. Computer-Assisted Culture Learning in an Online Augmented Reality Environment Based on Free-Hand Gesture Interaction

  107. A Low-Computational Approach on Gaze Estimation With Eye Touch System

  108. SEDITOR: A Prototype for a Sign Language Interfacing System

  109. Web Browser Control Through Hand Gestures using Web RTC API

  110. An Adaptable Speech to Sign Language Translation System

  111. MEMS Accelerometer Based 3D Mouse and Handwritten Recognition System

  112. Hand Gesture Recognition System To Control Slide Show Navigation

  113. To analyze hand gesture recognition for wirelessly electronic device control

  114. Vehicle Monitoring and Intelligent Data Analysis using GPS Based open Source Software

  115. Design & Implementation of a Low Cost Based Wireless HCI System for Disabled Persons Using ARM7

  116. ARM7 Based Smart ATM Access & Security System Using Fingerprint Recognition & GSM Technology

  117. Monitoring of Oxygen Content in the Flue Gas at a Coal-Fired Power Plant Using Cloud Modeling Techniques

  118. Feature Selection and Activity Recognition System Using a Single Triaxial Accelerometer

  119. Experiential Learning of Digital Communication Using Lab view

  120. Real Time System for Monitoring and Improving the Flow of Sewer System

  121. Zigbee & Ethernet Based Monitoring & Controlling Of Real Time Industrial Parameters

  122. A Real Time Based Intelligent System Designed for the Process Automation & Control Applications

  123. Design and Implementation of Multiple Sensor Interface Using Ethernet

  124. Industry Oriented Smart and Automated Process Control System

  125. Monitoring and Control of Relative Humidity in Soil using Lab view

  126. Lab view Based Portable Control Room using Zigbee

  127. A Model Based Approach for Algorithm Development in Real Time Operation of Automated Guided Vehicle Using Labview

  128. Agricultural Robot Can Be Controlled and Monitored Through the lab view

  129. Lab view and Web-Server based Human Body Monitoring System

  130. Towards a New Modality-Independent Interface For a Robotic Wheelchair

  131. An Integrated Electro oculography and Desktop Input Bimodal Interface to Support Robotic Arm Control

  132. The design and development of a head mounted Tongue Drive Power Wheelchair Controller

  133. Controlling a Mobile Robot with Natural Commands based on Voice and Gesture

  134. Voice Recognition Robotic Dog Guides For Visually Impaired People

  135. Finger Actions Sensing-Based Robot Motion Authoring System

  136. Intelligent Robotic Arm for the Deaf and Dumb

  137. Speed and Vibration Performance as well as Obstacle Avoidance Performance of Electric Wheel Chair Controlled by Human Eyes Only

  138. Implementation of Home Cybernation and Control Of Spy Robot Using Internet Protocol

  139. Design and Development of Dual Control System Applied to Smart Wheelchair using Voice and Gesture Control

  140. Robot Navigation System with RFID and Ultrasonic Sensors

  141. A Reconfigurable Smart Sensor Interface For Industrial Wsn In Iot Environment

  142. Wireless Sensor Networks for Pilgrims Tracking

  143. Automated Irrigation System Using A Wireless Sensor Network And Gprs Module

  144. Ramses: Rfid Augmented Module For Smart Environmental Sensing

  145. An Integrated System for Regional Environmental Monitoring And Management Based On Internet of Things

  146. Home Appliance Control and Monitoring System Model Based On Cloud Computing Technology

  147. Medical Alert System for Remote Health Monitoring Using Sensors And Cloud Computing

  148. Electronic payment collection system in Amusement Park using Passive RFID and cloud computing

  149. Electronic Payment in Grocery shop using passive RFID and cloud computing

  150. Cloud Based Smart Metering Security Access and Monitoring System in the Real Time Environment

  151. Cloud Based Street Light Monitoring System

  152. Shamba Web Based System (SWBS) Implementation on Sensor Design in Irrigation Control Monitoring System

  153. Developing Web of Things Application for Wireless Sensor Network Based Vehicular Pollution Monitoring

  154. The Online Temperature Measurement System for Substation Equipment Based on the Internet of Things (IOT)

  155. Environmental Data Monitoring Using Wireless Sensor Network and Transmission of Data Via Internet

  156. Cheque Deposition System Using Image Processing & TCP-IP Protocol

  157. Telemedicine Web Server Based on Embedded Serial Device

  158. Wireless Sensor Network Based Web Enabled Application Framework for Fire Monitoring

  159. Access Control and Management System Based on NFC-Technology by the Use of Smart Phones as Keys

  160. Automatic and remote Health Monitoring system using NFC

  161. NFC Based SMS Ticketing for Non-NFC Devices

  162. Design of Punctuality Enhanced Bus Transportation System Using GSM and Zigbee

  163. Zig-Bee Based Waste Bin Monitoring System

  164. Automatic Mobile Phone Usage Prevention While Driving Using GSM Technology

  165. Voice and GPS Based Navigation System for Visually Impaired

  166. Design of GSM based Talking Energy Meter

  167. Remote Control and Administration of Computer Network via SMS

  168. GPS Based Tour Guide Assistance with Voice Announcement

  169. Multi-Modality Biometric Assisted Smart Card Based Ration Distribution System

  170. Implementation of a Tour Guide Robot System Using RFID Technology and Viterbi Algorithm-Based HMM for Speech Recognition

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