1. A No-Reference Texture Regularity Metric Based on Visual Saliency

  2. A Source-Channel Coding Approach to Digital Image Protection and Self-Recovery

  3. Approximation and Compression With Sparse Orthonormal Transforms

  4. Beyond Perspective Dual PhotographyWith Illumination Masks

  5. Online Temporally Consistent Indoor Depth Video Enhancement via Static Structure

  6. PM-PM: PatchMatch With Potts Model for Object Segmentation and Stereo Matching

  7. Progressive Halftone Watermarking UsingMultilayer Table Lookup Strategy

  8. Robust Representation and Recognition of FacialEmotions Using Extreme Sparse Learning

  9. Single Image Super-Resolution Based on GradientProfile Sharpness

  10. Spatial Coherence-Based Batch-Mode Active Learning for Remote Sensing Image Classification

  11. Structure-Sensitive Saliency Detection via Multilevel Rank Analysis in Intrinsic Feature Space

  12. Swarm Intelligence for Detecting Interesting Events in Crowded Environments

  13. Worst Case Linear Discriminant Analysis as Scalable Semidefinite Feasibility Problems

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