1. High-Accuracy Fixed-Width Modified Booth Multipliers for Lossy Applications

  2. Broadside and Functional Broadside Tests for Partial-Scan Circuits

  3. Design of A Novel FSM based Reconfigurable

  4. Multimode Interleaver for WLAN Application

  5. Decoding-Aware Compression of FPGA Bit streams

  6. High-Speed Low-Power Viterbi Decoder Design for TCM Decoders

  7. A New and Efficient Approach to Protect AES Against Differential Power Analysis

  8. Design and Simulation of UART Serial Communication Module Based on VHDL

  9. Low-Power and Area-Effcient Carry Select Adder

  10. AccumulatorBased3-WeightPatternGeneration

  11. A Scalable High-Performance Virus Detection Processor Against a Large Pattern Set for Embedded Network Security

  12. A Low-Power FPGA Based on Autonomous Fine-Grain Power Gating

  13. An Ultra Low Power Base band Transceiver IC m forWirelessBodyAreaNetworkin0.18-CMOS Technology.

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